57mm PM Stepper Motor

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Model No.: 57mm PM Stepper Motor

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57mm PM Stepper Motor



In the frame size 57mm, our PM stepper motors have extremely low inertia and their magnetic flow path is optimized, with no coupling between the stator windings as found in VR motors. The permanent magnet in a motor is a rare earth magnet, which means it is made from rare earth metals. The applications engineers prefer to use our PM stepper motors rather than the Hybrid ones with the same frame size in the specific applications requiring less accuracy and less torque. What’s more, our motors are both CE and TS16949 certified and are RoHS compliant. Our 57mm PM stepper motor is having the step angle of 7.5 degrees with ±7% positioning accuracy. With a configuration of either 2-phase windings or 4-phase ones, the PM stepper motor can achieve a maximum holding torque as much as 1500g.cm while custom voltage, current and operating speed is available. If necessary we can also supply you with special mounting plate, cable and connector. The biggest selling point is that the motor can be optimized with captive or non-captive shaft to better fit the applications where the linear motion control is required.



Our 57mm series PM stepper motors are a cost-effective solutions to semiconductor, pumps, robotics and any other rotary applications.

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